What is so special about Maverick’s?

Take a bite and find out. We use a blend of Minnesota hard woods to give you that smoky flavor and stoke the fire hot to sear in the juices of our hand cut steaks. We use smaller, local suppliers that focus on quality so we know that you are getting the freshest steaks, chops, fish and produce. You’ll find our wine, beer and cocktail selection to be current, creative, exciting and the perfect complement to your meal. We do all of this because Maverick’s is all about you. We are a small, locally-owned restaurant off of the beaten path and without you loving us and telling your friends, we wouldn’t exist. So, please – don’t be afraid to continue telling your friends about the perfect little chop house that you know of.

Remember, scratch cooking in a small kitchen takes time and cooking over an open flame with constantly-changing temperature is an art. It might take a few extra minutes here, but the wait is worth its weight in flavor. Enjoy.

Amber & Chase, owners
Ryan, Dan & Kambria, general & assistant managers
…and the rest of Maverick’s the family